Painful Intercourse

What is Dyspareunia?

Painful intercourse can occur at any age and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Infections, inflammation, injuries, and other conditions or illnesses such as vaginismus, endometriosis, retroverted uterus, or uterine fibroids can all cause symptoms of painful intercourse. However, for most women, dyspareunia is caused by insufficient vaginal lubrication.

Insufficient lubrication is an issue that affects a great number of women. Approximately 40% of women have reported experiencing insufficient lubrication during sexual activity. Attempting to have intercourse when vaginal lubrication is not sufficient can result in pain during and after penetration, as well as a burning, throbbing and itching sensation. Symptoms can last hours after intercourse is complete.

In time, women experiencing recurring pain during sex can begin to feel very distressed. Psychological problems associated with dyspareunia include anxiety, depression, fear of intimacy, and relationship troubles.

Noninvasive, durable treatments for dyspareunia are available. If you are experiencing pain during sex talk to one of our certified doctors today.

Treating dyspareunia will help your emotional intimacy, your self-image, and your sexual wellness.


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The Causes of Dyspareunia

In most cases, dyspareunia is caused by insufficient vaginal lubrication. Decreases in the reproductive hormone estrogen often result in a reduction of the natural lubrication in the vagina. Childbirth and breastfeeding, menopause, or consequences of medical treatments such as surgery (hysterectomy, oophorectomy), radiation, or chemotherapy, can all cause estrogen levels to drop and the body to react.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dyspareunia talk to our doctors.

The diVa rejuvenation laser treatment could be the solution for you! Safe and non-invasive, diVa delivers durable results. The diVa laser vaginal therapy significantly changes and restores dry, lax, painful vaginal tissue*. The treatment is quick and can target specific regions, addressing dyspareunia or vaginal laxity.

Benefits of the diVa rejuvenation laser treatment include:

  • Increased lubrication and sensation during intercourse
  • Tightened vaginal canal
  • Enhances ability to reach orgasm
  • Improved control over urinary incontinence
  • Significant improvement in confidence and quality of life

*Results may vary

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You deserve to feel confident about intimacy in your relationship.

Book a consultation with our specialists to learn how we can help you optimize your sexual life.


Treatment Options and Other Services

There are number of ways to respond to the symptoms of painful intercourse (listed below).

We highly encourage you to discuss your options with your doctor.


Vaginal renewal treatments with diVa Laser can be a simple and effective solution to problems of vaginal dryness or laxness. The laser painlessly stimulates the thickening of the mucosal layer, restoring a more youthful tone. diVa can be effective both internally and externally at tightening skin, restoring function and appearance.

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Orgasm Shot® Injections THERAPY

The Orgasm Shot® injection will stimulate vaginal and clitoral tissue rejuvenation for a better overall sexual and urinary wellness. The results of Injections therapy can be astounding, and for many women, almost immediate. Libido returns, orgasm is easily achieved and vaginal lubrication is increased, putting an end to painful intercourse.

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Mental and emotional health can be key factors in sexual wellness. Stress, anxiety or depression can impact libido, and a man or woman’s ability to engage with their partner. Seeking assistance from a mental health professional may help alleviate the underlying causes of the condition. The Elna Sexual Wellness Center offers sex therapy services.

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