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Kind words from our patients

by Danielle on Cliovana™ Treatment
What a freaking blessing!

Sex between a husband and wife is IMPORTANT… I’m so beyond grateful for the treatment and the help it’s done. … It’s given me hope that it can be the same or better than it was pre baby. Now that’s exciting!

by Christina on Cliovana™ Treatment

Cliovana was a pain-free and extremely simple procedure that had a very real effect on my sexual satisfaction. I immediately noticed an increase in my arousal which led to a better overall sexual experience. Along with an increase in arousal, I also notice an increase in “responsiveness/sensitivity” which heightens the overall experience. I would absolutely recommend Cliovana to anyone who is looking to amplify their sex life.


I just completed my final Cliovana session and I’m completely happy with the results. My activity has always been very high with my husband so I was curious of the results I would get from Cliovana. Let me just say, this has far exceeded my expectations, as well, my husbands’. After my third session, I had significant, noticeable enhancements. Desire, effect, feel, etc. were all positively impacted (despite the high activity already in place). I highly recommend the Cliovana!


I was apprehensive about Cliovana until I arrived. From start to finish it was a great experience – Doctor made me feel totally comfortable and I was amazed that there was truly no burning, no lasers, no needles, no scalpels and no pain! I can’t believe the incredible results from such an easy process.

I feel confident and sexy — and my husband, he loves it!

After having the diVa procedure, I feel like I am 33 instead of 53. I think all women should have this…it really makes a huge difference!

by Amanda Rodriguez on diVa Laser Therapy

I was excited about the potential outcome of the diVa procedure - I suffer from stress urinary incontinence when exercising. Lori walked me through each step of the procedure and continually assessed my comfort. I have completed the three treatment series and have found improvement after each treatment. Even though I have technically completed the series, Lori taught me that my body is still regenerating the healthy tissue to fully relieve my symptoms - I can't wait for the final results!!! Thank you ELNA! for bringing this treatment to Montreal!

by Norly London on diVa Laser Therapy

The service from Lori (and the doctor) was excellent. Clean and modern clinic. I appreciate the explanations of the Diva procedure, and would definitely do it again. Thanks!

Before my diVa treatment I was very insecure during sex. The laser treatments have really improved my self-confidence. I am most impressed by how quickly my spouse could notice a difference even after the first treatment.

Plasma injections for women

I am having vaginal orgasms like never before!

by Anton Maximovsky on Testosterone therapy
Testosterone Therapy Treatment

Dr. Steinberg is one of very few doctors in Quebec who can help men with TRT. This is a relatively new field and most doctors either lack knowledge or desire to educate themselves on this critical issue for so many men.


Amazing treatment for erectile dysfunction in Montreal!

Amazing results!

"Had the Priapus - Shot on the 14th of January and after a month I have gotten Amazing results! It did not work over night but as the weeks went by the difference in both size and erection quality are very surprising. I’ve decided to add to the experience by doing the shock wave treatments. Just finished the first 3 weeks and I am more than satisfied. The whole experience from the staff to the procedures have been top notch! I will continue to do this each year or as needed. It has given back the confidence I had when I was 20!"

by Female Patient on diVa Laser Therapy

I haven't peed after sneezing, coughing, laughing or jumping in months! This has been a life saver.

Changed my life.

You can't put a price in good health. Lori, Nancy, Shana and Dr. Steinberg were all great. Very informative, accommodating and knowledgeable team. I couldn't be happier with the result of the treatment. One phone call changed my life.

I am ecstatic.

I am a 60 year old male with type 2 diabetes. The medications affected my ability to get erections. Being a married man it was not a joy not to be able to have intercourse with my wife. I purchased the series of shockwave treatments and the Injections injection. My treatment began in December 2018 and in 30 days I was seeing results. First small and then larger results, meaning I was able to get and sustain an erection. I am ecstatic. I am glad to have found a treatment that works and can be repeated as I age and perhaps require additional treatments.

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