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A multidisciplinary approach to treating men and women’s sensual health.
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Dedicated to your health.

The Elna Sensual Wellness centre brings together a team of caring professionals dedicated to your urological and sensual health.

Our offer is unique in combining ed treatment, sex therapy,  laser vaginal therapy and all the latest therapeutic treatments and technology under one roof.

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for Men

Men come to our clinic for help with specific issues like ED,  low libido, or low testosterone.

In some cases a medical approach is appropriate, and we offer specific treatments that can address ED and desire – including shockwave therapy and testosterone therapy.

Your initial consultation will result in a recommended treatment path – within days.

Specialties include:

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for Women

Our practice offers Montreal women therapies for the physical challenges of aging and childbirth, as well low desire and incontinence. Our focus is on your sensual health and well-being.

Interventions include vaginal laser renewal and Injections therapy as well as counselling and physical therapy. We seek to address both the physical and psychological to support your wellness.

Specialties include:

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Erectile dysfunction cure, therapy for vaginal dryness, the latest technology.

Elna offers complete urological and sensual health care. The team has the range of expertise and experience to help you be your best at any age. Contact us today.

Experienced urologists, experts in treatment of erectile dysfunction and female sensual health

Meet Dr. Steinberg

A sex therapist and psychologist with a focus on your sensual well being and performance

  • Counselling to support the mental and emotional aspects of sensual wellness
  • Individual men and women, and couples
  • Personalised approach based on your needs
  • Appointments available
Meet Dr. Frenkiel-Fishman

Latest therapeutic treatments for maximum sensual wellness at any age

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Practice Focus

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

  • Trouble reaching orgasm
  • Painful intercourse
  • Intimacy issues related to a disability or chronic conditions
  • Conflicts with partners about sensual needs

ELNA Sensual Wellness
For Your Sensual & Urological Health

Helping you to be your very best.


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