We are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Andrew Steinberg will take part in a new web series about men’s health. With co-host Nick Drossos, Dr. Steinberg will demystify some of the common concerns relating to men’s sexual health and wellbeing. A general “lack of understanding” in a lot of topics relating to men’s sexual health and “what’s going on under the belt”, is what pushed Steinberg and Drossos to create the series.

The men’s talk show will cover topics such as adult circumcision, as well as widespread men’s sexual concerns like erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency and peyronie’s disease. The hosts plan to get diverse insights from different specialists, including a sex therapist and a pelvic floor physiotherapist, all in the hope of helping men (and their partners) become more familiar with some of the problems they might feel too shy or intimidated to talk about. “Have the Balls to Talk About It” is the blunt, yet candid title they gave to the show.

About Steinberg Urology

Steinberg Urology is a private urological care center for patients with urological disorders and sexual health concerns. Areas of expertise include minimally invasive surgeries, injection therapies, and other advanced treatments to enhance overall urological and sexual wellbeing.

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